Do you enjoy going to a casino-hotel for a couple of days or for a vacation? Or do you prefer to drive (or walk) to a local casino and return home after your session is finished? And what about playing on the internet? Are you a fan of sitting in your own home and gambling on the games?

JAMES: I don’t want to drive to and from a casino on the same day. I look at the casino experience as a leisure-time activity, so I like going for several days. I would rather fly to Las Vegas than drive down the road to a local joint. I have no interest in playing online, then the games are no longer special to me.

PAUL: I like both. I go to a local casino, which I do, but I also like going to a casino for a mini-vacation. My problem, if you can call it a problem, is that I work and I have to take vacation days to go for a vacation, obviously, and I only have so many vacation days. So I tend to go to the local casinos on the weekend, and maybe once a year to a casino-hotel for an extended trip. I gambled a couple of times on the web, but it didn’t have the same feel as being in a casino.

JERRY: Give me a local place any time. I like to sleep in my own bed at night so a short day trip to the local casino is perfect for me. I have several casinos all within 20 miles of my house. I have played on the internet and I enjoyed it but it still doesn’t have the real feel of a real casino. I love my local places because everyone knows me and I am comfortable there.

KIM: Vacation only. I do have some casinos within driving distance but I want the special treatment you get staying in a hotel, like room service, good restaurants, a swimming pool, great entertainment. Zipping to and from a local place in one day is a waste of time, in my opinion. I think you tend to feel rushed to get your your play in. Never played the internet games and really don’t have much of a desire to play on the internet.

BENNY: Home sweet home is my motto. I can go to the casino any day of the week and come home and relax after a day or night of playing. I also like to play the internet casinos. I am retired so I like to go to the casino two or three times a week. I have good money management so I don’t take any real beatings. I love the fun and the energy of casinos. They are my favorite places. My wife hates the casinos.

DOUG: Any casino, anytime, anywhere, I love it all. I am what you call a true gambler. I even have my own gambling bank account. I’ve played the Internet casinos now and again but the real deal is the real deal for me.

Well, there you have some opinions about what I call “home and away” casino play. As for me? I prefer going away and staying at casino-hotels. To me that is much like a vacation away from the stress of everyday life.

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