GARY: I heard, actually I read on a craps website, that there is something called the “craps community,” which I guess means there are huge numbers of avid craps players who know each other. Is this true? How do I join a craps community?

TRIAN LAZARD RESPONDS: There are approximately one to 1.5 million craps players in the United States and Canada (info from Harrah’s survey). So is there a craps community? Not really. With those numbers it would be more like a craps city.

Craps websites with which I am familiar do have somewhere around 400 members (more or less) so there are people interested in the game and many of them may “hook up” to play or have social occasions (which means, I guess, play then have a bite to eat). These craps websites tend to be dominated by often bellicose posters, but many other posters are bright and informative.

Sadly, some of the worst betting systems are discussed on these sites so that would basically be the “craps community” that you would enter. I would imagine that there are plenty of friends who take trips together to the casinos. My partner Jerry “Stickman” and I make trips to the casinos to play craps. So I guess we would consider a small “craps community.”

BEN: I like to bet $30 on the six and $30 on the eight. I know these are good bets yet I notice that you strongly recommend using pass and come with odds. Can you explain why you think your way to play is the best way?

TRIAN LAZARD RESPONDS: Betting the six and eight are good bets as you have noted as they come in with a house edge of 1.52%. But they are nowhere near as good as using pass with odds and come with odds.

Your expected loss on a $30 place bet on the six is about 46 cents; same for the eight. That means you can expect to lose about 92 cents using this method of betting. Not bad.

But now look at a bet on the pass line or come with odds. Let’s take a 5x odds game as you find in Atlantic City. With a $5 bet, your expectation is to lose 7 cents. When a number is established you can place $25 on the numbers hit — and you can put $30 on the five and nine. You expected loss? Again it is merely 7 cents per number. So if you go up on two numbers you stand to lose 14 cents.

Compare an expected loss of 92 cents to an expected loss of 14 cents and you can see this is a huge difference. The placing of the six and eight is, yes, a good bet; but the use of pass and come with odds is an even better bet. And that is why I recommend that as the best way to bet.

DAVE: Everyone’s opinion about gambling is correct for that person.

Oh, please, some people may still believe that the Earth is flat and that the sun revolves around our planet. They are wrong even though they think they are right. In many areas there are right and wrong opinions. Trust me, I’m right on this.

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